I Miss Mexico.

Last month, Jason and I went to Mexico and had an incredible time. This was our second trip to Playa del Carmen.  It was great revisiting all our favorite places and being very familiar with the area.

This trip we decided to spend a few nights at Sandos Eco Resort and we are so glad we did.  It was simply beautiful.

We saw coatis for the first time.

They’re adorable, by the way.

We discovered the delicious kiwi-like fruit, pitaya.

We drank refreshing agua frescas.

One day we took a trip to The Jungle Place, a monkey sanctuary in Quintana Roo.   This organization provides care to rescued spider monkeys.  We took a tour, learned about these beautiful animals and were able to hold and feed them.  I got my hair pulled by the rambunctious Luna, but I didn’t mind.

We had a wonderful trip and can’t wait to go to Mexico again!  I only brought back a few souvenirs, but every time I dry my hands on my handmade in Mexico kitchen towel or smell the rich smoky scent of my copal incense, I’m instantly transported back to warm Mexico.

Where are your favorite places to visit?


5 thoughts on “I Miss Mexico.

  1. These photos are truly incredible, Amber. I have a few favorites (they are all amazing!) and I can’t wait to tell you which ones. Can you guess which ones I like the best? 😉 Looks like an amazing vacation!

  2. These pictures are amazing! They make me that much more excited to go, we will definitely try to go to The Jungle Place!

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