How To: Custom Lipstick Palettes

This project is not nearly as quick as my first lipstick DIY, but it’s just as helpful, and almost as easy!  I made custom lipstick palettes using MUJI pill boxes, my favorite lipstick shades, a spatula, a hairdryer and a permanent marker.

Simply scoop out the bullet of lipstick and place into the pill box.  I like a more smooth look, so I used a hairdryer on low to gently melt the surface of the lipstick.  When cool, turn over the palette and write the name of the lipstick on the back.  (You’ll be happy you did!)

Originally, I made these palettes to use on makeup jobs.  It is so nice to offer my clients such a huge selection of lipstick shades and be able to store them so easily in my makeup kit.

I like to store my palettes in snack size plastic bags, for extra protection.

I can easily fit 42 shades of lipstick in this little makeup bag!

Since they were so helpful on location, I decided to make some for myself.  They’re great for travel!

lipsticks:  Red Haute by Lancôme,  Russian Red by MAC,  No. 49-Rose Tropical by Yves Saint Laurent,  Schiap by NARS, Cherish by MAC,  Natural Beauty by Lancôme

polish:  Schiap by NARS

These palettes save space and time and were a lot of fun to make.  However, as you can see, my choice to label them with a permanent marker turned out to be…not so permanent!

Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “How To: Custom Lipstick Palettes

  1. Love it – how about a little strip of clear packing tape over the sharpie to keep it “permanent”. Until you want to change it, that is: alcohol usually takes marker off of plastic and other non-porous surfaces. I use Sharpies on metal and it rubs off at the worst times! xx, M

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