Holiday Markets

holiday market

I had such a great time with Jason at all the Holiday Markets we visited this week. Last Saturday, we spent the afternoon in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We started our day at Brooklyn Craft Central’s Holiday Market. It was fun to walk around listening to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Bjork while looking at lots of cool stuff from local designers.



Because I love coffee so much, I was tempted to order the “Hot Glue” but I am so glad I went with the Hot Chocolate. I asked the bartender to spike it with Malibu Rum and it was so delicious. Homemade hot chocolate with a touch of coconut rum is pretty much the ideal drink for me. I wish more bars served hot chocolate.
…and played Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Bjork.


After our drinks, we went to The Park Slope Flea Market.



I always enjoy looking at the vintage clothing, brick-a-brack, dishware and furniture at this market. Vintage shopping in a playground? It doesn’t get much better than this.


On Tuesday, we went to The Columbus Circle Holiday Market.


There were lots of fun things to look at, handmade items, beautiful jewelry and colorful treats!





Going to Holiday Markets is one of my favorite things to do in the Winter. What are some of your favorite Winter things?


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