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How to Tie a Star Bow

How to Tie a Star Bow

I love wrapping presents.  I just finished wrapping my last present and I thought I’d share a fun and easy way to tie a unique “bow”. I wrapped my gift in black tissue paper and tied white ribbon around it in a simple knot.  Then, I cut the ends into a point.  I cut a few … Continue reading

How To:  Custom Lipstick Palettes

How To: Custom Lipstick Palettes

This project is not nearly as quick as my first lipstick DIY, but it’s just as helpful, and almost as easy!  I made custom lipstick palettes using MUJI pill boxes, my favorite lipstick shades, a spatula, a hairdryer and a permanent marker. Simply scoop out the bullet of lipstick and place into the pill box.  … Continue reading

How To:  Color-Coded Lipstick Collection

How To: Color-Coded Lipstick Collection

I have a lot of lipsticks. I store my favorites in a small box, label side up.  It was such a challenge finding the shade I was looking for before I color-coded my collection.  This is how to do it: Take a little lipstick on your finger and dab it on its label. lipstick: Corset … Continue reading